Austin Thoughts- Christmas 2015

February 9, 2016

WHAT!? A Christmas post in February? Yes. Shut up.


  • The first day I was back I went running at the town lake trail and saw an armadillo!!! Sorry it’s kinda blurry, but it’s REAL! Welcome home Mandy!!!!!



  • On the second day of my visit I saw a male biker in a thong going down Barton Springs. In Austin, this is normal- that’s one of the reasons why Austin’s logo is “Keep Austin Weird”.  Sometimes people even look out for the “thong bikers”. It made me feel like I was at home. I didn’t snap a pic, but I did Google one that looked almost exactly like what I saw. ENJOY!

naked biker


  • We got a tree pretty close to Christmas, which means they’re on Sale! We went to Home Depot and there was a sign that said EVERY TREE $23! What does that mean? It means I was going to find the biggest tree possible… and we did! Yay!!!

Christmas Tree!


  • Kind of a weird update, but I brought an ornament from London. I think it goes nicely with the Swiss and Texas one 🙂

Texan, Swiss, and British Xmas Ornaments


  • Even less exciting update, I brought London (and dachshund) wrapping paper home to wrap the presents. I know, it’s adorable.


  • I helped add vegetarian-ness to Christmas dinner. ISN’T IT BEAUTIFUL?!

Christmas Dinner


  • Surprisingly enough, I’ve never put the doggies in sweaters. Most dogs I see in London have sweaters, so of course we had to do something about that.
Adorable little Copper

good lord he’s modeling



  • We ate a lot of Tacos. That’s no surprise.
  • My friends and I have a tradition of doing a Clues Night and a Snowflake Ball. It’s like White Elephant where everyone makes clues and we all try to figure out who has who. This is us being adorable, plus Copper in the middle being even more adorable. I think it’s the 8th time we’ve done this!!! Also… the clues have gotten really really intense.

Copper and friends


8th Annual Snowflake Ball!!! This is where we all guess who we had for clues, open our gifts, and play games and go crazy.

Snowflake Ball!


Exciting Mandy Thoughts… 

  • I forget that I can’t just run across busy roads whenever I want. In London I’m used to just running across any street at any possibility as long as the cars are far enough away. You can’t really do that in the states.
  • Wow. How do I still keep running into people I know from high school? Andi and I went to a restaurant (Matt’s El Rancho) and I began counting the people I recognized. Weird.

oooooh the feels! 

It was lovely visiting home. The weather was sunny for a few days and I was able to spend time with family and friends.

I don’t think I was excited or bummed to go back to London. Things had just been so go-go-go that I never really got to take a minute to breathe. There was a lot of Christmas shopping, meeting up with friends, scheduling time with family…etc. It just went by! I also got sick for a few days. Bummer. Whatever! At the moment I’m focusing on being more organized so I can actually enjoy every moment rather than watch it fly by. 🙂

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