London Thoughts- 1 YEAR

June 1, 2016

Well hello. It’s meeeee. It’s been on year exactly. That’s insane!!! 1 year and a day, psh!


  • We got a new fridge!
  • We got a new sink!
  • We got shelves from Ikea!
  • We got new grouting in the bathroom!

I know, it’s such exciting adult things I can hardly contain myself!

  • We learned what the Camden drinking laws were! It’s a controlled drinking zone… “This means that it’s an offence to drink alcohol in any public place after being asked not to do so by a police officer or police community support officer.” (Taken from the government website… how funny is that?) So don’t worry, first they have to ask you to stop, then you need to walk away to the next police officer.
  • Andi and I have done some exploring since my last blog post. We’ve explored….

Stoke Newington


Stoke Newington Cemetery

Stoke Newington Abney Park Cemetery

Stoke Newington, or “Stokie” is in the north west part of the Hackney borough. Church Street is their main/most popular street with many sweet little shops and fun things. They’ve also got a very pretty cemetery that you wouldn’t really expect to find, right off the main road.


Brighton is a beach town in East Sussex, England. I thought it would be fun to visit for my birthday and just wander around. It was the first time I’ve ever seen a beach covered in people with all their clothes on.

Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath is basically just a massive park a bit more North, in the borough of Camden. As you can see, there’s a ton of wide open spaces, some with people, some without. And forests! The Kenwood House is a big attraction but we didn’t make it to that.

  • Chelsea- sadly, I didn’t really take any pictures. 

Chelsea is an affluent area in southwest London. We decided to walk from Sloan Square on Kings Road. The road is absolutely beautiful and dotted with sweet shops and restaurants. However, you do start to get the feeling you’re in a really… bitchy area. The people you walk past are very into themselves. I remember we were walking past a group of “them.. the Chelseans” and one of them ran into me because I didn’t give them the full sidewalk to walk on! It was super… weird. Bitch!

  • Kew Gardens

The Kew Gardens are located in the borough of Richmond and house soooooo many different flowers and plants from all over the world. They’re absolutely beautiful and you could spend a full day there exploring all the fabulous things Kew has to offer. I hope you enjoyed my overload of pictures!

  • We visited Switzerland over Easter! We saw Andi’s wonderful family, and spent a few days in the mountains in Engelbert and Arosa.

snow hiking in Arosa

Hoernlihuette Arosa

We hiked all the way to the top of Hoernlihuette!



exploring Engelberg


  • We saw a wedding party in the Dusseldorf airport. We also saw a dentist in the Dusseldorf airport. Different.
  • I went to Thorpe Park for Alejandra’s birthday!
Thorpe Park

a bunch of goobers!


Almost all of us were successful at making kissing/sexy faces on the insanely fast Saw rollercoaster. Please enjoy.


kissing face on a roller coaster!!!!

seriously guys this takes talent



  • There are flowers in London!




  • We bought more house plants!!!! Just to review, we still have the initial plants we bought when we moved here aside from 1. May that poor lily rest in peace.




  • Apparently the green parrots in Hyde Park are well known because this woman was feeding them. Cray cray



  • Theres this guy in Piccadilly Circus called “Cone Man“. He sits on the street and makes the same song through a construction cone. It goes “Doooo doooo…. do do do do do…. Dooooo do dooooo do.” So, it’s hard to explain it while typing, but oh my gosh… his song gets so catchy it’s ridiculous!!!!! We can always hear him from the store, and sometimes when he’s not there, I’ll start singing his stupid song! I finally caught a pic of him!
Cone Man

seriously I love this guy


Exciting Mandy thoughts!

  • It’s weird to be in London now because things are reminding me of how they were a year ago. The courtyard/shopping area by our flat has the flags that they put up a year ago, and there are signs for a food festival in the tube station for the exact same festival they had a year ago. It’s just weird! Why has a year already gone by? Sheesh. All these signs make it feel like everything will just repeat again. Weird.
  • There are always Asian people waiting outside House of Hanover. Why? Sometimes there are even busses parked nearby and huge groups are there! It’s always been like this, I just haven’t written about it!

House of Hanover

House of Hanover

and it’s not just a meeting place, they’re always shopping in there! Also, I’m aware I’m a creep.


  • I think there’s asparagus growing in Hyde Park…
  • Animal origami is actually not that impossible.
animal origami

this is my new hobby


Whole Foods Market

  • I saw Samuel L. Jackson. woop hoop!


Fun Customers! 

Green Tea Lady. 

  • I mistakenly took a phone call from a woman who was telling me she was charged twice for her tea. After telling her she could come back to the store for a refund her daughter came on the line and told me that I was a horrible person for taking advantage of her poor mother and telling her she needed to be dragged back to the store. She insisted they would never be in London again and informed me that I better come up with a solution. She had absolutely no time to talk to me because she was very busy but would discuss the possible solutions over email. That turned into an e-mail battle which I refused to partake in, and I handed her off to my assistant team leader, Thomas. Out of all of her e-mails, she requested that we mail her pop chips, bee pollen, salad, almond milk, booja booja chocolate, gluten free pasta, and fresh vegetables. joy!

WTF Lady.

  • I saw a customer talking/ arguing with a team member. The team member serving the customer was deaf.
    “Can I help you ma’am?”
    “Yes, I don’t like that man sitting there.” *Points to the interpreter maybe 10 feet away from her, sitting behind the till and behind the team member.
    “Ok, he’s sitting there because he’s your cashiers interpreter, and she is deaf.”
    “Yes, I understand the situation.”
    “So what is the problem?”
    “He’s leering at me and trying to look at my pin.”
    “He’s sitting over there, how could he see your pin?”
    “I’d appreciate some privacy while I put in my pin.”
    I put my hands up and start walking away.
    “No, come here. I want him to leave.”
    “I’m not going to ask him to leave.”
    “Then I should leave.”
    “Yes, yes you should.”
    Um…? Seriously what the hell was that?

I don’t believe her lady.

  • “Hi, I bought two bags of chia seeds but there must have been a problem with the container because there was a hole in both bags and all the chia seeds fell out in my purse. But I didn’t notice it. It happened really slowly and it was a small hole.”
    “I’m sorry! Do you have the bags with you so I can see the hole?”
    “No. But I have my receipt and you can just give me a refund.”
    “So you don’t have the bags? It would be nice to see the problem so we can fix it.”
    “I don’t have time to show you the bags.”
    “How about you come back another day so we can see the bags and I can give you your refund then?”
    “You’re making my life difficult.”
    “I’m sorry… but it doesn’t really make sense if you don’t even have the product to show me. Not even a picture?”
    “You don’t believe me. You’re touching your face. (I put my hand on my chin) That means you don’t believe me.”
    “Sorry… what? Do you just want me to get my manger and you can tell him the story?”
    She walks away.

Sample Lady 

  • Sometimes team members are allowed to give away items for free if customers are wondering how something tastes and aren’t sure if they’ll like it. Some customers take advantage of this. One came up with at least two bags of crisps and a large bottle of coconut water. I recognised her and knew she’s tried to “sample” multiple things before.
    “I’d like to sample these crisps and coconut water.”
    “Ok, we’ve got a smaller coconut water I will open for you, ok?”
    “Um…” She didn’t seem very happy, but eventually accepted the fact I would let her try the *smaller* one for free.
    She tasted both the coconut water and crisps, and then said she changed her mind and wouldn’t take the other things she was going to buy. So, she left with a free bottle of coconut water, and crisps. Happy days!

Mean Lady (come on why are they all women!?) 

  • ” Sorry ma’am, this is the exit.”
    “Alright. You could have been a bit nicer about it. It wouldn’t hurt you to learn some manners, would it?”
    *my mouth drops open and I do that sort of thing where I laugh a little*
    “I’m sorry ma’am, I’m just letting you know that this is the exit”
    “I can go wherever I want.”
    “You sure can, go ahead”
    “You know, I’ve lived in London all my life and there’s no such thing as common courtesy or manners anymore.”
    I still don’t know what to say to her, so I just look at her.
    “Of course, people from London would know that. But no one is from London anymore.”
    I think maybe I just waved as she walked away?

Lazy Ass People 

  • We have a little mobile garden that we roll outside by the seating area each morning. It was looking sort of dead and I was asked to water it. I trimmed things, watered it, and made it look more like a garden. Later that day, customers were sitting on it. I’m not kidding. People literally sit their ass on this beautiful garden with flowers and things! These are big plants! How is that even comfortable?! When I saw it I I told my ASTL, Thomas (thank the lord for Thomas) to tell them to leave because I wouldn’t be able to control myself.

I’m learning new words/ phrases!

  • Get stuck in = Get into it! Jamie Oliver says it when he’s cooking…
  • Waz is up = Turn on the blender
  • Peckish = sort of hungry/ snacks


The Feels! 

Ah. 1 year. Do I love London? When Andi and I are wandering around on a Sunday and exploring different places, I’m completely in love with London. I’m also becoming closer to friends and think it’s wonderful spending time with new people and getting to know new places. This city is jam packed with so much to do, and it’s brilliant!

I think the thing I’ve struggled with more than anything here isn’t London itself, but it’s my job. I’m someone that needs a routine and my job prohibits me from that. My days are completely different, and there’s nothing I can do about it (as long as I stay in the job I’m in). Some days I forget what day it is completely. For this reason, I still don’t feel completely settled in London.

I also miss the warm weather, and having mountains around. However, I could easily fix that by getting away to the countryside for a weekend, or taking a trip to Switzerland, but that is also difficult when I work on the weekends. Sure, I could request a weekend off, but even then I only have 2 weeks notice if I get it.

So. That’s a quick explanation of how I feel about being in London. We’ll see how the next year goes! Cheers!




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