London Thoughts – Month 15

August 22, 2016


Alas! I am alive. Here is what I’ve been up to.


  • Andi and I went to Germany for our friend’s wedding. It was lovely and even though I didn’t understand the ceremony, I still cried.



Beautiful Cologne


  • I ran a half marathon! It was in St. Albans.
Amanda running! yay!

Action shot!!! hazaaaaHhhhhhh!HH!H!H!


  • My parents visited for 2 weeks, and holy moly did we have fun!!! Perhaps one day, I will make a separate post, but for now these pics will have to do.
i like to call this piece... "map"

This is maybe my favourite photo 😀

We all know what this is ;)



We had a tour guide who drove us through places like this… it was somewhere in the Cotswolds… Does it get anymore British!?



  • I got a new job! I know right!? That’s a big deal! I’m now the Metro Demo Specialist for Whole Foods, which means I sample a lot of items and also work with the marketing team. This is also a pretty big deal because before I moved here I said that working with the marketing team at Whole Foods was basically my dream job, so I’m pretty psyched.
Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 22.18.31

I’m part of this, bitches!!!

  • That means though, that I have left Piccadilly, and the many people that I love.


  • Andi and I were walking around Camden and I saw a waiter that I immediately recognised. It was the weirdest feeling. I felt like I knew the guy or that he was a celebrity but I couldn’t figure out where I knew him from. Turns out he was the main guy in a advert I would watch all the time on Food Network. I’m sure you definitely want to watch it here!
  • We heard about Secret Cinema. It’s basically a movie but you’re in it. Watch this!!!
  • Raquel, Stefan, and Rocio visited and they were greeted with our wonderful British weather.
London Eye

on the London Eye!

View of House of Parliament and Westminster Abbey from the London Eye!

rain 🙂


  • On the 4th of July Andi and I saw our first movie in the park. This is actually what we were wearing on the 4TH OF JULY!!!!

Movie in the Park


  • My friend Rezwan and I walked past Jimmy Fallon, and we snapped a pic… of him snapping a pic with some other people. See the people in the back? There’s a woman with a grey sweater and white dots.. he’s to her left in the blue sweater. I know right. You can totally tell it’s him.



  • Andi and I visited Windsor Castle… and we witnessed THIS!



"The Long Walk"

“The Long Walk”

The view of the castle from the "Long Walk", but no entrance for commoners. ;)

The view of the castle from the “Long Walk”, but no entrance for commoners. 😉


  • My friends and I visited Cambridge.
Corpus Christi College

Corpus Christi College


In front of Kings College

In front of Kings College


ahhhh, British humour at it's finest

ahhhh, British humour at it’s finest


  • And Peckham! Peckham is one of the many places in London going through gentrification. According to wiki (yes, I actually did look up Peckham on wiki) it’s one of the most ethically diverse locations in London… for now.




Peckham has a rooftop bar called Frank’s full of posh white people 🙂


  • And we’ve been going cray in this city full of amazing restaurants.
Trout and Avo Toast at Blixen

Trout and Avo Toast at Blixen


Smashed avocado at Friends of Ours

Smashed avocado at Friends of Ours



Scallops at Blandford Comptior

Scallops at Blandford Comptior


  • OH MY GOD I ALMOST POSTED THIS WITHOUT MENTIONING BREXIT! This thing called Brexit happened and everyone is losing their shit. I got a lot of “How are people handing it over there?” and “What did you vote?!” almost always following with “Btw who are YOU voting for in the states?” I don’t love talking about politics, but here’s a great video for you that will also teach you many new insults… bad language coming!!!  PLEASE ENJOY!!!!


Exciting Mandy Thoughts!

  • I grew up with 12 hour time, and Fahrenheit, which is expected. For the past year I’ve set my phone to Celsius and 24 hour time to get used to it. I didn’t. For some very sad reason it would take me waaaaay to long to figure out the time and temp so I switched it back. How sad is that!? Oh well.
  • I’ve learned that I sound a lot less American when I replace “awesome” and “amazing” with “brilliant” and “fabulous“. Now I fit right in.
  • Peri Peri is everywhere. It’s a flavour, specifically used for chicken. Apparently it’s Portuguese in origin. Interestinggggg


  • I saw an older Asian woman wearing a shirt with large letters- FML in rhinestones. I wonder if she knows what that stands for…
  • There are helicopters everywhere, for pretty obvious reasons. But I thought these were particularly crazy- you can see 3 suspended in the air… really close together.


Whole Foods Stories…

  • I saw Carey Mulligan! She was at the Kensington Whole Foods with her baby, and she was very pretty.

Carey Mulligan


  • I talked to Jaden Smith in Piccadilly Whole Foods.
    • Jaden: “Yeah, do you guys sell just water?
    • Me: “Do you mean regular water in bottles or is this like a brand thing?”
    • Jaden: “No it’s like water in a tetra pack, they sell it in the states.”
    • Me: “Oh, no I don’t think so.”
    • That’s all.

man he really looks like a dick here

  • I checked out Stephen Fry and we talked about Austin and 6th street. I actually thought he was just a regular customer for a sec and just figured I recognised him because he shopped here a lot. Nope, it’s Stephen Fry.



  • Bill Nighy has visited a few more times since my last post. I love him.



and now come the crazy people…

American Lover– “Excuse me- do you have this ice cream in a smaller size?”
Me- “I’m sorry sir that’s the only size we carry”
American Lover- “oh my goodness! Are you Canadian or American?”
Me- “American”
American lover- *puts his hand to his heart “God bless America! Wow it is an absolute PLEASURE to be able to speak with you today! Where bouts are you from in the states?”
Me- (a little confused)- “Texas”
American Lover- “deep in the heart of Texas!!!” (he sings)
Me- “ah… Yeah!… I’m assuming you’re American too?”
American lover- “no, I’m from here. Not that there’s anything wrong with that but AMERICA! You should be SO PROUD of your great country! Goodness it is an absolute privilege to be able to speak with you. I can’t believe it! God bless Texas!”
Me- “ok! Well thank you”
American lover- “you are proud, aren’t you?!”
Me- my voice getting higher and higher “sure, ok. Yes why not? Ok. Nice to meet you! Bye”
American lover -” truly a pleasure to have the honour to speak with you. Thank you”
Me- what just happened…

Cake Man-At one point I had a customer who needed help with a delivery. I helped him out a lot, but I guess he’s never had very great customer service in other stores before (or he’s just kinda creepy) so he really freaked out after that and every time he tells me how amazing I am. So the last time I saw him I told him I was leaving and he was so overwhelmed that he gave me a cake he had picked up from China Town. He said it was the least he could do. It was…so good. I made sure to make other people eat it too… just to be safe 😉


Magic Man– I had one customer who claimed he’s really into magic tricks and that he believes in mind reading. I told him BS and that he should read my mind. So he told me to focus really hard on a card- I picked Ace of hearts. Then he said “ACE OF HEARTS”. I was definitely freaked out and have since stopped talking to him. hahahaha

The Veggie Lady
Veggie- “is that bacon?”
Me- “it looks like bacon”
Veggie- “oh my god! I’ve been vegetarian for 14 years and I ate bacon!”
Me- “did you get it from the hot bar?”
Veggie- “yes”
Me- “let’s go make sure the sign says bacon on it”
We walk over to hot bar and sure enough it says “roast potatoes and bacon”
Veggie- “oh my god! I ate the entire portion! I’ve been veggie for 14 years!”
Me- “and you didn’t taste the bacon at all?? Really?!”

Gluten Free Lady
gluten free- “I’d like to make a complaint”
Me- “what’s the problem?”
Gluten free- “your salmon patties don’t say they have gluten in them”
Me- “oh no, let’s go check the label”
Gluten- “well the label with ingredients says gluten”
Me- “so, what’s the problem?”
Gluten- “well the name doesn’t say gluten in it, that’s deceiving”
Me- “so it should be called gluten salmon pattie? Or something like that?”
Gluten- “it’s just deceiving”

The Really Sassy One
Sassy- “I’m going to get a refund on this lotion and you can just use that to pay for these things” (one item of which was a half drunk small bottle of wine)
Me- “I’ll need your receipt.”
Sassy- “no it’s fine I talked to your manager”
Me- “which one?”
Sassy- “one of them”
Me- “do they have a name?”
Sassy- “yeah! *points to Jig* you’ve been following me all around, we spoke about getting a refund for this”
Jig- “with a receipt”
Sassy- “that’s not what you said”
Jig- “yes it was”
Sassy- “fine. Well then I can’t pay for any of this- oh expect I already drank some of this (wine) so can I just keep it?”
Me- “no”
Sassy- “whatever!”

I don’t believe her lady. <– she’s back!!!! with a vengeance! (this is long, I apologise in advance) 

IDBHL- “I want a refund for the chocolate. I don’t have a receipt.”
ME- “Ok, what was wrong with it?”
IDBHL- ” I didn’t like it”
ME- “But you ate the whole thing?”
IDBHL- “No I threw it away and kept the wrapper. I didn’t want it getting in my purse. I also want a refund for these supplements.”
ME-“If it’s a health and beauty item I can’t give you a refund without the receipt.”
*after the chocolate refund she walks away*

I’m upstairs and she comes to me 2 minutes later
IDBHL- “You know it’s against the law to refuse to give a refund to a customer when they have an unopened product?”
ME-“Nope, I didn’t know that.”
IDBHL- “So you’re basically saying you don’t trust me.”
ME-“It’s our policy.”
IDBHL- “It’s against the law. I’m a lawyer.”
ME-“Do you want me to ask my manager?”
(At this point, I would really just like to get away from her)
IDBHL- “No I think I’ll just contact the regional office. Can I have a pen and paper?”
**she writes down my name in large letters to make sure I can see it, looks at me, smiles, and walks away.”

5 minutes later, I’m downstairs and she comes to me
IDBHL- “You know the policy is that if it’s an exchange I can do it without a receipt. I picked out something I want now.”
(The policy is that store leadership can give an exchange if they choose to. So she grabbed the manager before I could speak with him and very politely asked to exchange an item that she didn’t have a receipt for that was the same cost. He gave it to her, and then asked about her. Now he also knows she’s cray cray.)

next day… dun dun DUNNN

IDBHL- comes to get a refund for the exact product she bought yesterday with another supervisor.

few days later… dun dun DUNNN

IDBHL-“I want a refund for this coconut oil and this product.
ME- I giver her the refund for the coconut oil that is now empty. “Do you have your receipt for this product? It’s a health and beauty product.”
IDBHL- *hands me the receipt
ME- “This isn’t the correct receipt.”
IDBHL- “I thought it was.”
ME- “Ok. It’s not”
IDBHL- “Will you still give me the refund?”
ME- “No”
IDBHL- * giggles* “Do you remember what happened last time? I think you will call your manager.”
ME- I call the duty manager and tell her about the crazy lady. Crazy lady doesn’t get a refund because she’s been told our policy 785 times.

next day… dun dun DUNNN

IDBHL finds a supervisor that is not me to say she doesn’t feel taken care of and that the blonde one is mean and has a problem with her.

Seriously though, how do people have time for this?!?

I’m learning new words!

alight= get off?

“knocking off” = done with work

bunting- those cute flags that you can decorate places with- see the lovely example below.


“chuffed” = proud

“gutted”= upset/ disappointed

hols= holidays

faff= (I actually had to look this up) the spend your time doing things that aren’t important. Example: “I wish you’d stop faffing about and do something useful!” (Probably something like dawdling or futzing around)

25th May = May 25th… people ALWAYS write the number in front of the month


This new job makes me very happy because I am doing more of what I really enjoy and it’s closer to a more regular work schedule. And, as bitter sweet as it may be, I will probably have far fewer crazy ass customer stories. Unfortunately, I still forget what day it is an cannot enjoy the weekends with Andi as much as I’d like because I usually have to work one day of the weekend. But, you know, I’m that much closer to a regular work schedule and working with the Regional Marketing Team so I’m pretty psyched about that.

Like anything in life, I really need to find balance. That’s one reason why I haven’t updated the blog as much as I have. I’ve focused more on going to the gym in the mornings and I would like to take more evenings focusing on my German. So now, i think it is only right that I count in months. 😉

Thankfully, as you can see from some pictures, the sun has been out a bit more and that makes me quite happy. Yay.

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    Your blog never disappoints. I love the food pics, the customer stories are still gold, and I’m so happy you have a new job!!!!

    Also, that 4th of July pic is insane. You already know that though.

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