London Thoughts- Month 18

November 28, 2016

I know this pic is super dark and different from my others, but whatever. It’s artsy!
It’s been about 3 months… so here’s what I’ve been up to. 🙂 


  • We have wandered around many different boroughs of London. This picture is from Greenwich. You can see the Royal Observatory at the top right, where they have the giant world clock.



Chiswick House Gardens


  • We bought one of these for the park.



  • I killed a succulent. I thought that was impossible. But I’m growing another one so I guess we’re even. 

isn’t it cute!?


  • Andi and I signed up for Tennis Lessons in Regent’s Park. 

No, this is not Regent’s park, because there’s no such thing as palm trees in London. This was taken in Portugal 😉


  • I watched the documentary Poverty Inc. and it was amazing! I recommend it to everyone.



  • My momma and our family friend Alice visited.


at house of Parliament

We finally visited House of Parliament!


  • Andi and I had our first real holiday to the beach in Portugal. It was our first “relaxing” vacation and we were worried we’d get bored. We ate tons of fish, relaxed, and definitely didn’t get bored.



The best seafood we’ve ever eaten! This is Ambrosia Nectar in Olhos de Agua.

Praia de Falesia

Praia de Falesia


  • London always has cultural things going on, so we decided to pop into the Malaysian Festival in Trafalgar Square.



  • We’re investing in camping gear for our honeymoon (and other adventures) next year.
sleeping bag

yes, that’s a sleeping bag.

  • I finally went to an Arsenal game.


  • We traveled to Switzerland for a wedding. This time I really couldn’t understand anything, but it was still beautiful :D. 
Zunfthaus zur Zimmerleuten

The wedding was in the famous guild house Zunfthaus our Zimmerleuten on the top!

At the wedding, we met

  • A couple who lives in Chicago who met in London and is Swiss and American
  • A couple who is Swiss and have both lived in London
  • A photographer who has a Swiss American wife from Austin

Small world eh? EHH???


Dinner with the family!


The lovely Schaffhausen

  • I’ve started to take more supplements, something I’m sure everyone is really interested in. Now I’m taking Turmeric, Omega 3 Fish Oil, Vitamin C, and sometimes apple cider vinegar, if you call that a supplement.  
  • As I mentioned before, we are moving and it’s been very entertaining to see different flats all over London, but also very tiring. In our spare time we would either be on our phones looking at places, or visiting places. See below for a real life place that actually exists that is super cool. 


  • Oh my gosh I just counted all the flats I visited- 31 FLATS! THAT’S INSANE!
  • I saw this puppy outside of work so of course I went outside to pet him, and almost started crying. 



  • I went to a restaurant with friends that films customers on it’s website. I’m pretty sure that’s illegal because nowhere does it say you’re on camera, but whatever. We decided to have some fun. 



  • Mom visited again! This time with our friend Debbie.


  • We bought our first London pumpkin! It’s still in our window and we haven’t carved it yet…


  • We both were sick on and off for almost a month. After 2 trips to the doctor I was about to kill someone because all they told me was to take Paracetamol and Ibuprofen. The third time though, they gave me antibiotics. I get it, antibiotics are really not good for you and you should only take them if you’re not getting better, but it was sucky to feel so down for so long.
  • Speaking of being sick, one reason why I probably didn’t get better was the election result. The picture below is how people in the UK feel about Trump. This was in a public place. I’m still very unhappy about the result and I don’t have any interest in accepting him as my president.



  • To change the subject, there are sometimes steps that look like they’re melting.


  • I’m going to the nutritionist now to get more feedback on my less than optimal digestion. It’s not really a secret that the UK has an alcohol problem, but THIS really surprised me: “Limit alcohol intake to no more than two units per day and have AT LEAST TWO ALCOHOL FREE DAYS A WEEK.” This is from the association of UK Dietitians. 



  • And alas! We moved! For 1 1/2 years we never knew our neighbours and within the first hour of moving in, our new neighbour above us introduced herself and told us about the people below us and next to us. Cray.



We’re right next to Regent’s park, which is very hard to believe but I’m really psyched about it.



Omg it looks so proper British

Primrose hill

This is the view from Primrose Hill


  • We had our 1 year anniversary! He makes me so freaking happy, and I love him so much!



  • We celebrated Thanksgiving for the 2nd time in London, and the first time without meat. This time we cooked while skyping my parents and puppies.




  • I found the best pita falafel in the entire world. It’s from Magic Falafel in Camden Market.



  • We had more visitors! Tom and his Uncle were in London.



  • They’re shooting Paddington 2 in our neighbourhood this week. Apparently he lives in one of these!



  • And this is just us eating food and being tourists.

How cool of a view is this!? It’s from Town Hall!!

Exciting Mandy Thoughts

  • I still really want a dog… and I still constantly take pictures of them…



  • I feel like I’m getting older because I bought decaf coffee and I can’t sleep on my side anymore because it hurts my hips.
  • Selfridges displays are still cool…




  • I still hate the weather. Summer was pretty nice and it was great when the sun set so late because Andi and I would have picnics in the park. But bloody hell sun sets at 4PM and I forget what it looks like!

I’m learning new words! And sayings! 

  • Scones
  • Naff– crap
  • For me” rather than “in my opinion”
  • Pud=pudding
  • Schedule is pronounced “schedule“, but a schedule is actually a rota. 
  • Moscavado sugar = brown sugar
  • Fruit fool = an English dessert, usually stewed fruit in custard.


On multiple occasions, I hear this in the weather report:

  • “With the exception of multiple patches of drizzle it will be a dry day today!”
  • “It will be a sunny day today with some rainy patches.” 

Whole Foods Stories…

I’m settling into my new job.  Sometimes I cook things, and sometimes people eat them.


Yum! This is what I offer to customers and try my hardest not to eat…

pumpkin pie

My first ever pumpkin pie!

I’m still on the shop floor at least two days a week, which means I get to interact with customers… joy!

Vay-gan lady

“Did you know that there are only 3 real organic farms in the UK, and they’re very small.”
“Hm, no I didn’t.” *Also I’m pretty sure you’re wrong.*
“The other farms use animal parts and blood to fertilise their vegetables.”
“Ah, ok. That’s not good.” *God I really hope you’re wrong.*
“Some people at farmers markets are offended when I ask if their vegetables are vegetarian and I tell them about that.”
“Yeah, it doesn’t sound very nice.”
“So many vay-gans don’t know they’re eating meat when they eat vegetables. But they’re all fakes, they’re all eating meat.”
“Ok.” *I really don’t know how to change the subject right now…*
“I call them vay-gans, but they’re pronounced vegans. They’re all eating animal parts.”
“Alright, let’s talk about something nicer.” *Also why the F do you call them vay-gans?!*

Pumpkin Pie Lady 

  • See the picture below? I walk away for 1 second and return to see the quarter pie piece gone… picked up and eaten by a customer. OBVIOUSLY it can be confusing which one the sample is. She also came back and asked for more samples. I told her there were no more, so she goes and tries to pick up the other half of the pie! I had to shield it and say over and over again “ONE PER CUSTOMER!!! ONE PER CUSTOMER!!!”


Peach Thief 

I should have known better though, because for another demo I left the empty cutting board in front of a bowl of peaches. I had to go wash the ones I was going to cut up. I come back to find a customer literally picking up a peach and biting into it. Seriously, what is wrong with people? 

Olive Pit People

Now, I can’t say this is my story, but my colleague told me a wonderful story that I really must share. For everyone who doesn’t know, a passive demo is one where you leave a bowl of something and people can take a sample as they please. So, a passive demo was set out with a jar of olives- clearly labeled olives. Next to the jar was a bowl for people to spit their pits. Well, after all the olives were gone, people were stopping by the table and trying the pits!

Wine Lady

I’m demo-ing a wine…
“This wine should be decanted. You’re sampling it wrong.”
“I’m sorry, but I don’t have a decanter.”
“Well, I’m not going to try it, because it won’t taste the way it should. So there’s no point.”
“ok, sorry.”
*She comes back 5 minutes later and starts smiling and shaking her head*
“What is so special about this wine?”
“Well, it goes very nicely with the cheese I’m sampling.” (Obviously I knew nothing about the wine)
She just laughs and walks away.

Samples Man

So, again I can’t take credit for this. My dear colleague managed to snap a picture of a customer asking to “sample” the chocolate. Instead of taking one, he takes a HANDFUL! I laughed really hard when she told me she took a pic.


I’ve been able to help with different events at Whole Foods and it’s been very entertaining. 



cooking for an event!


I cooked that!!!


We’re just beginning winter and I’m not psyched about it. The past few weeks have been more difficult than most because we’ve been sick and moving. I haven’t put any time into German which is also something that has stressed me a bit. I think now though, I will have more time to focus on what matters to me because we’ve settled in and have regained our health!

Maybe that will also mean I will feel more settled in London in general. The flat feels more like a home, and so does the neighbourhood.

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