London Thoughts- 1 Year & 11 Months

April 26, 2017

Oh heyyyyy! So, it’s been a while, but whatever! I remember everything and will write in order and it will all be ok.


  • Since I’ve had my new job I’ve been commuting more– which means I’m getting sick more. I generally work in 2 different stores and take 3 different lines/trains which totals to 45-70 minutes to get to work, and an infinite amount of germs. I blame the commuting and lack of sanitising for getting me sick. I also learned that coughing uncontrollably on the tube and in the theatre will give you a LOT of space, and also a lot of guilt. I was sick for about 3 weeks and visited the doctor 3 times before getting antibiotics. That’s pretty shitty. 
  • Since being ill for 3 weeks I’ve turned into a germaphobe. Now, I think about the ungodly amount of germs on everything I touch, which is actually a good thing because I’m more careful! WIN! 
  • Our sweet neighbour upstairs invited us up for some wine and smoked salmon appetisers (That’s super British, btw). We learned that when she moved in she paid £6 a week for rent, that was almost 50 years ago! 
  • I think our landlord hates me. We’ve had one really fun tense situation where he’s tried to get delivery men to force me to sit in their van in freezing cold weather while they assembled things in my apartment alone. They said no. And now he only responds to Andi when we have questions. I don’t like him. He’s kind of a dick.
  • We bought a Christmas tree, a real one! And we kept it until Feb 16th.

it was sunny 🙂

  • We saw a Christmas Choir at the Royal Albert Hall!


  • Andi and I went to the Kew Gardens for their Christmas light show. It was awesome! We bought some bird food there and have been unsuccessfully trying to feed birds by our back window for the past 3 months. Yes, we have special hobbies. 


  • We traveled to Austin for Christmas. We had our usual annual snowflake ball and all was right with the world. 


  • We ate our wedding cake. again. That’s a thing people do in the states- I was unaware of this tradition until my wedding planner told me. Apparently you freeze the top of the cake and eat it on your anniversary a year later. Christmas would have to do. OMG IT WAS SO YUMMY!


  • Andi got Cowboy boots for Christmas!


  • And of course, we gave lots of hugs and kisses to Max and Copper.


  • Every year I make a list of New Years Resolutions which I think are attainable. One of those this year has been to not get sick, which has so far been successful. HAZAAAAAHHH!!! That’s 4 months BABY! Being a germaphobe is so worth it.
  • Andi and I went on a long weekend to the Cotswolds and also saw Bath! It was cold but so fun.  

A pasty you say? Yes please.


  • I killed more succulents. Most of them, actually. But guess what, I’m not going to feel guilty about it. 
  • We went to Brixton! Finally.  

places in Brixton…


  • Jakob and Nick came to visit. We went to our first London brewery, ate Indian food, and tried sticky toffee pudding (thanks Jakob). 

the most beautiful sticky toffee pudding


😀 YES that IS beer pong behind us


  • Now things get real. In February we found out that my mom’s cancer came back. She was first diagnosed after our wedding but I never really announced anything because it was a confusing and scary surprise. Since her chemotherapy she has been cancer free. I flew home in late February for a week to support her through major surgery. 
    • In between hospital visits I learned that you can get a free gun at Benny Boyd dodge if you buy a car! God bless Texas! 
    • I also decided that the car is a sacred place. No one will get you sick in there. So what if there’s traffic.
  • Andi and I went to Austria with his siblings Eveline, her bf Alessandro, and Stefan with his gf Raquel, for a ski holiday! It was magical. Raquel and I never really skied before so we took lessons together and it was AMAZING. 

Raquel, Me, Stefan, Andi


attempting Cross Country skiing. That’s Andi!


happy place 🙂


  • You better believe we got our fill of traditional Austrian food. They love their dough, and so do I. 😉

Germknödel with vanilla sauce- it’s like a large cloud of dough with plum sauce filling and sweetened poppy seeds on top


  • I quit my job at Whole Foods Market. SAY WHAT. Yes. It’s true. We can talk more about this later.
  • I traveled to Austin again to spend time with my parents. My mom originally planned to visit us in London in late March, but because she needed more chemo she couldn’t, so I visited her instead!
    • My mom and I took a quick trip to Salt Lake City for a friend’s surprise birthday party. I also got to see a wonderful childhood friend, Angela, who just had her 3rd baby on Easter!

Well this is pretty, isn’t it?

  • We also visited the Wildflower Centre in Austin. It was freaking beautiful.

bluebonnets are special


  • I watched 5 movies on the plane back to London. That’s my personal best!
  • There are parrots in our trees outside our flat… I talk to them sometimes.


  • We went to Alexandra Palace. Twas cool.

sweet views, man

The Alexandra Palace. It’s a historic entertainment venue.


  • We saw live music for the first time in London. It was at a small pub down the street from where we live. COOL!


  • By some unknown miracle, a little robin decided to start eating the food we were trying to offer it for the past 4 months. One cloudy, overcast day in mid April, there was a sighting. I freaking love birds!!!!!

IT’S REAL!!!!!!!

  • We’re cooking breakfast a lot together. This is worth noting.


  • We started taking Vitamin D.  I know, I know. It’s an even more exciting update than making breakfast!
  • For Easter we went camping in our living room!

Exciting Mandy Thoughts!

  • We have a bountiful amount of weddings to attend this year! They’re in Germany, Spain, Mexico, and Austin! Very exciting! 
  • Yes, I still want a dog. Yes, I still don’t have one. If I got a dog my entire world would revolve around it and I would never leave the flat again. So, maybe not the best thing right now. 🙂 
  • Whilst commuting I learned that I hate people who do not move down inside the tube. During rush hour it’s important to move allllll the way inside the tube so there is more space. Not everyone does this and it pisses me off. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to capture this successfully on camera, but here is a nice reminder from our friends at TFL. 



  • Avocado toast is everywhere. It’s also found it’s way to the USA so it’s dominating the world! and our kitchen. 

I’m still learning new words!

  • Bant- banter 
  • Saddle up- pay (apparently this is American also, maybe I’m just an idiot) 
  • Waffle on- talk about 
  • Mufti- school uniform- Example: Don’t wear your uniform. It’s a mufti day.
  • Git- an idiot
  • Yonk- a lot (yonks and yonks of avocado toast) 
  • Numpty- dummy
  • Tosspot- wanker (that was my colleagues definition, which also happens to be a British word) Basically, a douche 
  • Sodding/sod- twat (also British, I love this)- idiot 
  • Letchy- pervy
  • Pan ultimate- second to last 
  • A black Americano in the US is not the same as a black coffee. I am now confused and don’t know the difference between American English and British English. God save the Queen!

Whole Foods Market 

When I graduated and moved to London I was more determined than ever to work for the regional team at Whole Foods Market. With a lot of hard work, I accomplished that goal. It is now time for the next chapter, and I know this is the right choice for me.

Yes, that was a very calm, non-dramatic, and boring way of saying I quit my job. Perhaps two years worth of glorious customer stories can give you a wee look into the life of working in retail. Also, working on the weekends was much harder than I expected it to be. In 2 years I had 2 full weekends with my husband and rather than getting used to it I started to hate it more. And truly, I want to move to a different field that isn’t offered at WFM in London. So there’s allllll of that. But I’m proud of myself, and I’ve learned a lot.

Sadly, I only have 2 customer stories, and these will be the last. (MWAAHHAHAHAHHA!!!!! )

Pilates Couple

The couple approaches me and has no interest in trying what I am sampling.
Man: “Do you do pilates?”
Me: “Uh…. no.”
Man: “Would you like to do pilates?”
Me: “Haha… uhh… I don’t know?”
Man: “Pilates is great! You should! You need an instructor! My wife is the best instructor and she should train you!”
Me: “Ok! You’ve sure convinced me!”
*Man hands me his wife’s business card and walks away.*

Guy who needs a girlfriend 

For the record this was a man who appeared to be relatively normal and didn’t seem to be joking.

Guy: “You have a nice smile. People smile at you when they like you right?”
Me: “No, not always”
Guy: “But that’s what I heard.”
Me: “Hmm it’s not always the case.”
Guy: “Then how can you tell?”
Me: *shaking my head* “You should do some research man.”
*I serve another customer. He looks at the customer, she smiles at him, then walks away.*
Guy: “She smiled at me.”
Me: “I can’t talk about this. I need to do my job, so you should leave.”
Guy: “But what do I do? You said I should do research?”
Me: “Yeah so go on Google”
Guy: “And what do I search?”
Me: “Um I don’t know? How to flirt?”
He giggles and walks away.


The past 5 months have been… insane! All of the feelings have been felt. Maybe not all, but a lot. Sometimes something really crap has to happen to show you that you can’t sweat the small stuff, you shouldn’t give a durn what others think, and gosh darn it you’ve got one life so you should do all you can to be happy and make the world a better place.

And if you want to hold a puppy, ask first, but go hold a puppy.

Amen! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to learn some bloody Deutsch!

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