London Thoughts- 2 YEARS

June 5, 2017

A Texas girl in London- A few things I’ve learned.

K guys I decided to go all out and do one of those BuzzFeed type lists because it sounded fun.

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I’m aware that this is basically me.

There’s always something to do in London.

If you want something to do, there is doing to be had. There’s a ton of events and festivals- probably because the city is a melting pot, so each culture has to have it’s say! And there’s Emma Watson. She’s so cool. No really, she is.

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You will make friends, and they will probably leave.

This may not alllllllways be the case, but many people describe London as a nice place to visit, but not live. Many people are also not native Londoners. There are a ton of Aussies who come for 2 years then go back, and plenty of people who I’ve gotten to know but then end up moving back home. Das just duh way it iz.

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London is filled with people from all over the world.

Like I said, it’s a melting pot. It’s one of the things I love the most about London.

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Everyone really does talk about the weather.

Hahahhaha! No really, shut up. Just kidding I do it too. It’s because London weather is always CHANGING. Which I’ve decided I hate. You can only say “oh, it’s raining” so many times if it’s raining. But if it’s rainy, then sunny, then hailing, then cloudy, then a rainbow, you’ve got a LOT to make note of! I promise all of those things happened within HALF A DAY a few weeks ago. Ew.

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There are many places to live and they are all completely different.

They are! It’s crazy! London is so big and so different and it’s so wonderful and terrible all at the same time! After two years, I still have never heard of many places within London. If you’re looking to move here… GOOD LUCK SUCKER!

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Living near a park makes your life much happier.

Ain’t that the truth. I will admit that London does a very good job of having many accessible parks. They’re a lot bigger than you think too, if you’re just looking at a map. Again, there are many parks I haven’t even heard of. Yesterday I went to SouthWark park for the first time and it was lovely!

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It actually looks like this

Hahahahhaha. Now I’m making myself laugh. But, it’s kind of true.

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You WILL have visitors.

True dat. London is a hub and so many people come here for work or play. I’ve got this air mattress thing DOWN! I even used to be cute and get everyone oyster cards, but now I can’t be bothered.

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Everyone travels.

I like this, because it means people enjoy visiting new places and are generally more open minded. Also, who wouldn’t travel when you’re so close to a billion countries. It’s funny though, because we went to Spain for a wedding and when people asked where we were their response was either “Oh, we were there last week!” or “We’ll be there in August!” So, it’s not a big deal to travel out of country.

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London is expensive.

I’ll just agree and say, yes, it is.

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London has THE BEST food. 

I know I sound like a broken record here, but a melting pot means plenty of events, people, AND food! If you’re not careful, you can spend a lot of money. But there are PLENTY of delicious places for a good price.

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A lot of people drink beer. A lot of beer. 

London has a drinking problem. It’s very common to grab a pint after work on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, definitely Thursday and obviously Friday, oh and all day Saturday and Sunday. I’ve even seen people having one during lunch.

Also, British beer is warm and flat. Now I’m not kidding.

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London is vey dog friendly.

I see dogs in restaurants, which confuses me because I thought it was a major hygiene issue. Anyway, people baby their dogs like no other. Once we were in a cafe and the dog was barking SO LOUDLY and the owner explained that she was thirsty and the waiter better get her some water. Good lord.

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But there aren’t usually dogs on the tube.

I find it surprising, just because there are SO MANY dogs! It’s frowned upon to bring them on the tube.

This guy’s a special one. I’ve only seen them a few times.


Now, I rarely smile at people on the street.

Yeah, eye contact is generally a no no. Especially on the tube. But sometimes I’ll straight up smile and it generally makes the other person smile, because that’s just how humans are.

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Personal space does not exist.

Sometimes, it seems like people try to walk close to you. I’ve said, there are times that I literally walk into people to get through somewhere. There are just so many peoplllleeeee!!!!!

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Most people really do love London. 

I even admit it. London has something that other places don’t. It’s special and exciting and different and fun.

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 But, it’s really a love hate relationship. 

I haven’t seen the sun in 5 days… Oh there’s another tube strike tomorrow? That costs HOW MUCH!?

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      Thanks Daniel! 😀 I hope you’re doing lovely as well!!

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    muhahaha, wonderful job with the gifs! Sounds like you should get a puppy

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      hahahah. Thanks lady. I’m thinking a puppy is too much a commitment now. I think just following several on Insta is my plan for the next few months 😉 Hahahha!

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