London Thoughts- 2 years & 2 months

August 4, 2017


Exciting Mandy Updates! 

  • I’ve been involved with something called GoodGym. They have expanded all over the UK and they “Get Fit and Do Good”. We run somewhere, volunteer, and run back. We had a “Team London” run where everyone gathered at Tower Bridge one day and participated together. Twas awesome. I’m there!


  • We signed up for another round of tennis lessons– this time Improvers rather than beginners. WooooOoOoOoOO.


  • We had visitors!
    • Lovely Eveline and a badass brunch.


  • We always have fun with Flo.


  • I explored London and ate gelato with Giorgio while I was jobless.

GiorgioooO!!!! and gelatooooo


  • We went to Madrid for a wedding!

This is jamon. There are vegetarians known for eating jamon. I’m not one of them, and am therefore I’m a monster. Sorry kids!!!


Spanish weddings are crazy and amazing. This one lasted 12 hours and I left with an extra pair of shoes, a lot of happiness, love, dancing, and a belly full of food.

The wedding was on Saturday, so Friday we were told to visit Calle de Ponzano. It was a magical street filled with bars serving food like this. YESSS!


  • We texted Raquel on Friday night telling her we would be in her homeland, and loe and behold SHE WAS IN MADRID THE SAME WEEKEND. I know. It’s crazy!!!



  • I got allergies/hay fever.  Apparently this is the time of year (May-Julyish?) where you can’t walk outside and see at the same time. Also there’s crap in my throat. Also I’m sneezing and coughing a lot. Oh and my eyes are itchy. This comes in random bouts and I don’t understand it, but I’ve also never had it before. Yes you should feel sorry for me. 


  • I whipped out my TACOS cook book and got pretty serious with some recipes. And then invited people over to eat yummy tacos and celebrate my birthday.

man that baby is pretty


  • Did I say birthday? YES! I turned 27 and at the same time went on a wine tour in Chiltern Valley!



  • For the past 8 years (yes 8 years) I’ve been “working” on a journal about my grandmas life. Meaning it’s been on my  To Do List for the past 8 years. Anyway, I finally contacted the woman I was hoping would compile the photos and journal entries I put together… but her price was $150,000. So, I had to change my plans slightly.


  • I’ve been chilling at the Primrose Hill Community Library (free wifi and few people! Score!) because I get absolutely nothing done whilst jobless in my flat. As a thank-you I baked cupcakes for their bake sale. They’re the prettiest cupcakes in the world, I know.

I am unbelievably proud of this stupid cupcake.


  • I’ve started co-organising a Meetup with my colleague. It’s called the Sustainable Development Goals Network Meetup. It’s exciting… we’ve had 2 Meetups so far and some people actually came so…SUCCESS. We talk about the goals and have businesses discuss their actions towards them.

LEON Restaurants!

Toast Ale came to talk (along with a lot of other great organisations!) This company makes beer from surplus bread… HOW COOL IS THAT?!


We also volunteer.


  • I got a job! It’s at the Carbon Trust and it’s been about two months and I still can’t believe it. I’m the happiest I’ve been since we moved to London. For reals. Whilst at my job, I’ve learned, and experienced, some exciting things.
    • British people mumble a lot.
    • British people love tea and biscuits, which has made me love tea and biscuits.


  • I said “Cheers” as “Thank you” without meaning to.
  • I learned the difference between the UK and Britain.
  • I played cricket with my work colleagues. I KNOW RIGHT I WAS SO EXCITED.


Below is a short clip of me hitting a ball that wasn’t good enough for us to run, but its riveting nevertheless.

Amanda Playing Cricket

  • Some people from the company like going to the Bus Stop Cafe. It’s really hidden, and delicious, and cheap. If you did’n know about it, you’d think you were trespassing on a bus stop facility… or something. What’s not to love??


  • We went to British Summer Time and saw Phill Collins and Blondie.


  • We went to Wimbledon. Meaning, we entered into the ballot and actually won a seat to the women’s finals. I know, we’re stupidly lucky.

Venus Williams & Garbiñe Muguruza



  • I rode a bike for the first time in London. It was all on the side walk (which isn’t the name they call it here, but I can’t be bothered to figure out the real word) which is not allowed but whatever it still counts.


  • We’re continuing to be brunch masters.


  • I went on a cruise with my parents that went to 6 different countries! Wowza! One day (meaning maybe never) I will try and write a separate post about this. For now, you will be happy with my super summarised version


In Oslo, Norway we…


In Copenhagen, Denmark we…


in Tallinn, Estonia we…

liked the architecture…


in St. Petersburg, Russia we…


In Helsinki, Finland we…


In Brugges, Belgium we…


  • I had to sign a liability waiver to take food home at a restaurant. Um… weird. This was in London.


  • We celebrated the glorious 4th of July by going to a party and eating s’mores.

don’t worry, I asked permission to play with the puppy.


  • I still see my beloved Piccadilly friends. They’re still awesome.


  • We saw Oliver Twist at Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre.


  • We bought some weights.

Can you find them!?


  • We saw Celine Dion at the O2. 


Exciting Mandy thoughts! 


I think this is Trump as a baby… 



  • This dachshund and greyhound pair are in the park a lot and it makes me happy. 


  • Wedding videos are the best. Remember when we got married? That was nearly 2 years ago. It took us that long to actually watch some of the clips from our wedding. THANK YOU GUYS (especially Rachel’s parents. Tom and Judy, you by far gave the best interview of them all).


  • Gordon’s Wine Bar is amazing. You’re like in a cave/grotto and it’s really cool and they have all this cheese and you can buy it and eat and it’s just so exciting. And it’s right by Embankment!


  • Semolina is yummy. 

I’d never had this before, but Andi made it for me because he grew up with it and it’s DELICIOUS


  • There have been some shocking and tragic events taking place in London from terrorist attacks, buildings burning, and acid/robbery crimes. People are sad, of course, but the city doesn’t feel different. People aren’t quieter or more afraid seeming. 


  • Being the only one on the tube calls for a selfie.

such simple things seem to get me pretty excited.


  • Primrose Hill neighbourhood is a liiiiiiiitle dramatic.

Come on. At first glance it sure looks like IDA is that little girl…


  • This is one of the best buzz feeds I’ve seen that I can very much relate to being an American in London- thanks to my brother.

I’m still learning new words!

  • Pillock = knob head = dick head 
  • Tit= apparently an appropriate work for a jerk
  • Ropey= not great
  • pants = crap- “My day is pants”
  • Chabby/chavs= red necks
  • Secateurs = garden clippers 
  • Natter on = Yabber on
  • Lass = woman 
  • Lumpy = not great – “The report is lumpy”
  • Work trousers = slacks 
  • Spanner- wrench
  • pasty = pastry with savoury stuff inside = pronounced “Pah (ah for apple)-sty” NOT the way you would normally say it….

Sometimes my colleagues will say things to me and I can’t tell if they’ve just completed made crap up because that’s what they do, or if it’s actually a British saying. Nevertheless I continue to learn new words every day being surrounded by this new crazy bunch.


Feelings Time!

Since my last post I’ve gotten a job in the industry I wanted (sustainability), and I’m part of a team that is supportive, kind, and funny. I have a regular schedule and WEEKENDS OFF. I’m working with a lot more British people and talking with UK clients, which is very different than my past two years. I am unbelievably happy where I am right now and I’m looking forward to seeing how the next few months go. Here’s to working hard and finding what makes you happy, baby!!!!!

Two good things- I’m about to eat amazing food and I just accepted my new job. ACES!


  • Reply alison lao August 7, 2017 at 1:39 am

    I have so many thoughts, about your thoughts!
    -That pic of you playing cricket is insanely awesome.
    -I’m happy you’re the happiest you’ve been since moving to london
    -I want yall to take me to ALL the brunch places the next time i visit
    -I cant believe you had wild mushroom pasta in estonia!!! i’m a fan of their mushrooms 😉

    • Reply Mandy August 26, 2017 at 7:02 pm

      Awww!!! 😀 This makes me happy.

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