London Thoughts – 2 years & 4 months

October 7, 2017

Exciting Mandy Updates!

We went on our long awaited honeymoon. I’ll make a separate post about this, but for now I’ll provide you with some very exciting facts and updates: 

  • We did not see a wild bear no matter how hard we looked. I was quite sad about this.

This is a photo of us pulling over at every rest stop to try and find bears.


  • We did however, see some wild rams in Canada, and sea turtles, wild pigs, and seals in Hawaii! 


  • We rode a tandem bicycle for the first time. It was awesome and a must do if you choose to spend the rest of your life with one particular person. 


  • We learned about Hawaiian food from a food tour and it was absolutely amazing. I’ve now become obsessed with poi, and most other foods related to Hawaii, like bread fruit and cherimoya! 

coconut, baby bananas, and egg fruit in the back (the egg fruit tastes like sweet boiled egg yolk). And jack fruit in the front (it tastes like juicy fruit!)


These are the same thing. In the front you have taro root that’s been cooked, and in the back you have cooked taro root that’s been mashed, which causes fermentation and a purple colour! It goes well with savoury things (like that red sea salt!)


cherimoya again. It’s so interesting! Black seeds are encased in a delicious soft vanilla coating that was absolutely amazing!


  • You can buy Tim Tams in Canada. Tim tams were first introduced to me in Australia and I quickly fell in love. I kind of view them as Oreos but even more special because I can’t buy them in London or Texas (unless I pay an ungodly amount). So, basically they’re like Mandy cocain. We found them whilst shopping and bought 3 packs!!! 


  • If you’d like to see a similar story about our Napali coast hike in Hawaii with an exciting dose of murder, watch A Perfect Getaway. My work colleague told me about it upon my return and it scared the crap out of me.

A Perfect Getaway (Trailer) 


  • We went to the Richmond Night Market in Vancouver and it was wicked awesome. Yes I did just say that. However, there was so much squid that it freaked me out and I can’t look at it the same way. Weird huh? 


  • There’s a law on the island of Kauai that you can’t build higher than the tallest palm tree. 


  • The British flag is included in the Hawaiian flag but Hawaii was never owned by Britain.


So, that about sums up our honeymoon. No, not really, but those were some funny things I noted. I’ll have more breathtaking photos and romantic stories in my next post. 


  • We went to Shakespeare’s Globe! London is especially famous and proud of their theatre. If you see a live performance anywhere it should be at Shakespeare’s Globe. 


  • I bought a water bottle. It’s a little insane how much joy this water bottle has brought to me. I drink a lot more water now, and apparently that makes me really happy and also feel a lot better.



  • We swam in the Serpentine Lido! Yes, it was cold, but it made us that much closer to being Brits.


  • I’ve started reading books again. It’s sad that I have to say that, but aside from the 1 or 2 odd books that squeezed in over the past few years, I haven’t read any! My friend Rezwan is a book reading maniac and he’s always gifted me books and I will eventually read them! Anyway I’ve started reading on my commute and my current book is A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson. He convinced me to visit the National History Museum, which I did and I’m so thankful! 


  • We went to a wedding in Germany for our friends Adrian & Sabrina! My first one that was in German but had an English  program! Woop woop! 


  • The German wedding happened to be very close to Schaffhausen, so we were able to visit Andi’s family. I also got to hear proper yodelling for the first time.


  • I saw Professor Lupin in Waterloo station perusing around in Foyles. 

aka David Thewlis


  • We saw Kevin Dillon from Entourage at the tea house in Stanley park.


Exciting Mandy Thoughts! 

  • There’s a town in England called Brockley. I feel like I may have mentioned this before but every time I see the train station I laugh. 
  • We’ve gotten into a routine of cooking a lot more, and now when we cook, it’s all plant based! Huzzaahhh!

omg yaaaaaas


  • The dachshund greyhound couple are still in the park, and I still take pictures of them. 


  • On my walk from the tube to my office there have been a few occasions where some lovely young men have been doing parkour. I never really noticed much, until one started charging at me and I clearly screwed up his awesome attempt at a move. After some research, Andi found a YouTube video of the guys. Go to 4:00 to see THEIR ABSOLUTE CRAZINESS. Also they say the F word a lot.


  • At work the team has been changing a lot. In the 4 months I’ve been here, I’ve had to say goodbye to my colleague who trained me, and another one who I worked pretty close to. Although it was sad to see them go, I was so happy to get to know them and within such a short period of time feel so included. So, things are pretty great!


I continue to learn this new and exciting language!

  • A crumpet is not an English muffin. I always thought it was. It’s actually just a crumpet. 

and so far I only know how to burn them or not cook them enough.

  • Spotty dog = spot on= really great. That book is spotty dog (This actually may just be something that my colleague says, not British people in general) 
  • Seems a shout/ That’s a good shout = That’s a good idea 
  • That is long = That is too much effort 
  • Grafter= hard worker 
  • Two shakes of a lamb’s tail (This means something is fast) Per Wikipedia: “shake” is a recognized unit of time. At the time of the first atomic bomb, scientists needed a term for an interval of time equal to 10 nanoseconds. Since two shakes of a lamb’s tail is very quick, scientists coined the word “shake” to describe this unit of time. 
  • You’re winding me up = You’re bothering me.
  • You’re mugging me off/ You’re taking the piss = You’re making fun of me
  • For fun, you can add BARE which is simply emphasising something (so, bare = really)
    • You’re bare mugging. (THIS SOUNDS SO WEIRD!!! Like, wtf mate.)
  • Have you lost the plot? = Have you lost your marbles/ lost your mind?
  • People don’t call these –> ( parenthesis. They call them brackets. If you tell someone to put something in parenthesis they’ll look at you funny.


Things are pretty great in the world of me. It’s still summer feeling, which means that occasionally there are sunny days and if you sit directly in the sun, things are very beautiful! Daylight savings hasn’t started yet, so I still see the sun on my way to and from work. I’m enjoying my job, and very distracted with the crazy amount of traveling we are doing. Have I started back up with German? No, not yet, but I’m reading books! That’s a good thing, eh?

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