London Thoughts- 2.5 Years

December 10, 2017

2.5 years in London! No big deal. This year it seems I’ve spent more time away from London than actually in it.


Rather than separating thoughts and updates, they’re all just going in one big massive post. ENJOY!


  • Kelly and Lando got married in Mexico!!!

Kelly is the 2nd Glacier to get married. This destination Mexico wedding was not only a beautiful way to celebrate Kelly and Lando, but it also seemed like an awesome Glacier reunion. My mother was able to make the trip with me, which made it extra special.

momma, me, Lando, Kelly, Rachel, her momma Judy


yay friends 😀 <3



  • We have had 2 Meetup’s since the last post. In May I began co-organising the Sustainable Development Goals Network Meetup, and it’s been great!

This Meetup was our 3rd, and the topic was Sustainable Spaces!


More volunteering! This time with Tesco and FareShare


  • I’ve become very familiar with the song Love Story by Taylor Swift because I was in charge of choreographing a dance for my friend’s Indian Wedding in October. The past several months I have developed a deep respect for choreographers and dancers because, oh. my. god. it’s HARD! But our end product was stunning, dahling.

oh girl, I have seen you too much.


  • Andi’s been really good about making the most of the awesome opportunities in London. He booked tickets to see Little Big Town at Royal Albert Hall!


  • We had a plant that died many moons ago so I made the mistake of putting it outside but then it filled up with water. We finally dumped it in the park, which isn’t really allowed.


  • In case you didn’t know… this is our tube station, and it holds a special place in our hearts.


  • Sometimes you might see a mouse on the tracks. When this happens, I get very very excited.

can you see him!?


  • We weren’t able to make it to Munich for Oktoberfest, so we celebrated in London.


  • Andi and I were blessed with a glorious stomach bug in October/November. It was really weird because sometimes we felt ok, and other times we weren’t. After plenty of meds, multiple trips to the doc, and even a visit to the A&E, we’re all better.


  • We went to a dog show. Because that’s the way we spend our Saturday afternoons.


  • We travelled to Austin for Andie & Anant’s Wedding! Andie is the third glacier to get married. Friday was an Indian wedding, and Saturday was the American wedding, and the whole experience was awesome.

Here are the glorious people that participated in the Indian dance we put together!

They’re so BEAUTIFUL!!!

The Saturday wedding was at Addison Grove and my parents joined! Aren’t they lovely? 🙂


  • It also happened to be Halloween that following Tuesday so we went out and had a ball. We dressed as Clive Bixby and Juliana from Modern Family. If you don’t get it don’t worry, no one else did.



  • It’s always an interesting experience coming back to Austin as a non-meat eater. My old favourite dishes at certain places (Jason Deli’s Chicken Pot Pie, Rudy’s spicy sausage, Popeye’s Fried Chicken) I no longer visit, but there are plenty of lovely new and old options that are still great.

True Food Kitchen is freaking bomb!

Yes, it’s a salad like the one above BUT THEY’RE TOTALLY DIFFERENT AND DELICIOUS! This is Flower Child. Another fave.

zomg. Korean Cauliflower from Cheesecake factory!


  • I got to see my Yelp Father and fab foodie friend Alison (ha!). We spent an especially memorable evening eating desserts at Uchiko.



  • My mother told me about this “fake bacon” which I was immediately skeptical about. You cannot re-create bacon. OH BUT YOU CAN MY FRIEND! The brand is Morning Star, the ingredients are absolutely not natural… but they’re also not pork. So… yeah.

definitely doesn’t look appetising, BUT IT DEFINITELY IS


  • I thought this was a  pretty great pic that needs to be shared…

way to go, daddy-o


  • It’s always nice to cuddle Copper. 

Max is still alive and well but he doesn’t pose for pics.


  • Back in London, our shelf broke. Isn’t that interesting?


  • We continue to buy fresh fruit and veg from our local farmer’s market. Recently we have come across a veggie Bahn Mi at the market that has transformed our lives.


  • I went to EMEX (Energy Management Exhibition) at the O2 for Carbon Trust. It was pretty sweet.

  • Then my colleague Matt and I went back to work via the Emirates Air Line. Which is basically a gondola over the Thames river. Kinda terrifying.


  • I’ve started German Courses again!!!!!!!! My teacher is wonderful and I am so very happy.


  • Another Thanksgiving celebrated in London! This time we hosted and cooked up a storm with fab friends. 😉

We were also introduced to Pie Face, which is relatively self explanatory.



  • We went to Chinatown in search of some exciting ingredients. We wanted sweet potato noodles to make Jap Chei, and Taro Root to make Poi.


we also came away with a random Durian Cake which we have yet to eat.


  • So, with our Taro Root (pictured on the left above) we attempted to make Poi. This was what we learned about in Hawaii. You cook it, then mash it up and over time it ferments and becomes Poi. We left it for a week when we went to Austin (because that’s the smart thing to do) and came back to mould. Fail.


  • After 2.5 years, I FINALLY got a photo of someone not moving down inside the tube.

yaaasss!!! Success!!!!!


  • As always, London does a freaking good job of decorating with Christmas Lights.

7 Dials

Somewhere in covent garden area…


Leicester Square Christmas Market


Greenwich Christmas Market


The ever chaotic and lovely Oxford Circus


  • We went to the Primrose Hill Christmas Market and ate yummy food.



  • Fabian and his brother Pascal visited and we went to Winter Wonderland and Dishoom!


  • For Andi’s birthday we ate dinner at a place called Giovanni’s. It was a really fun, sweet and exciting experience! The owner really seemed to like us because he kept talking to us about random things. I thought I’d snag a photo with him since we’re best friends now.


  • We visited Christmas at Kew again!


the green house looks so cool!


we thought it would be good to humiliate ourselves by kissing under (or rather, behind) the mistletoe


  • For Andi’s birthday we went on a food tour and it was REALLY FUN.

We also learned a lot about the local east end history and street art

The small sculpture above the sign at the bottom was created by an artist who wanted to symbolise an angel looking over the east end and protecting it from further construction. Quite unsuccessfully.


street art is technically illegal but police tend to turn a blind eye on it in the area…


  • We’ve seen more *somewhat* famous people!

Dr. Giles Yeo. He did a documentary on “Clean Eating, the Dirty Truth”. I think he’s a dick.


We also saw Richard Madden filming a new bbc drama. He was in Game of Thrones.


Andrew Marr! He’s a famous British Commentator.



  • It snowed!!!

and people celebrate by sliding down a mud hill.


A few new words… 

  • Paddy/ Strop = tantrum
    Trollied = quite tipsy
    wronguns= rowdy people


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