Kauai, Hawaii

December 31, 2017

For our Honeymoon, we went to Hawaii and Canada. I had been to Kauai before with my family, and remember it being so magical that I had to take Andi. This is what we did…

Ate poke

we grabbed this bad boy at the local grocery store. It’s everywhere.

Went on a helicopter tour

we camped by this beach!


Went on the Pili Au Food & Farm Tour.

Examined the Rainbow Eucalyptus tree


Hiked the Kalalau trail


we camped at the Kalalau beach

Went to Hanalei Bay (our favourite beach)

Visited farmer’s markets

Ate exotic fruit


Watched epic sunsets

from Hanalei bay

from Kalalau beach

from the Westin resort

Kalalau Beach

Westin Resort


Ate Hawaiian rolls


Watched a sunrise

Drank a coconut


hung out with Nenes

Ate delicious food

Kintaro Japanese Restaurant

from Kalypso Island Bar & Grill

from Trucking Delicious

WE MADE THIS! Instead of potato we actually cooked bread fruit!


Went to a Luau

Went to another beach

Made Taro Pancakes

Saw tons of palm trees

Made a friend

Drove down the Eucalyptus Tree Tunnel

Kauai is fantastic. We will be going back. 🙂

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