Calgary to Vancouver, Canada

January 14, 2018

 We spent our Honeymoon in Canada and Hawaii in August 2017. Going to Canada was special because it was their 150th anniversary, so all National Parks were free! For the first part of our honeymoon, we flew directly from London to Calgary and spent the evening in Calgary. The following morning we went crazy at the local MEC and Safeway, and then we were off to Banff! Here’s what we did!


Day 1) We set up camp at Tunnel Mountain Village and then went on our first hike. An easy one- Tunnell Mountain Trail.

then we wandered around the small town of Banff…

and had our first Beaver Tail!


Day 2) After a breakfast of delicious oatmeal, we packed up our campsite and were off to see the Vermillion Lakes. Sadly, you could see the smoke from forest fires.

We were then off to our second hike. Another easy (and busy) one- Johnson Canyon Upper Falls.

see? busy.

The next hike was the Castle Mountain Lookout Trail. It’s located between Banff and Lake Louise. The hike was steeper and quieter.

not a bad place for some lunch…

We then set up camp at  Lake Louise- Soft-Sided Tents/Trailers Campsite, and quickly visited Lake Louise- something I’ve wanted to do for a long time!

Then back to camp, for a delicious dinner.

Day 3) We didn’t need to pack up camp because we were staying in Lake Louise for two nights. After a quick breakfast, we started on the Plain of Six Glaciers Hike. This hike is fun because you get to visit a teahouse. You’re able to extend this hike by adding a trip to a second teahouse via the Highline trail, which is what we did.

We made it to Lake Agnes Tea House!

you can see the Lake Agnes Tea House at the other end of the lake!

then it got steep going up to the Big Bee Hive

This is the view from the Big Bee Hive. I’d say it’ pretty epic, don’t you think? That’s the Fairmont Hotel at the bottom.

In case you can’t tell, I’m a fan of the flowers..

I was very very happy to have a break at the second Tea House (Plain of Six Glaciers Tea House)



bahhhhH!!! almost done!

this was a very good idea

There’s definitely beer in there…

YAAAS! Food!

this just add water food stuff is pretty good


Lake Louise had problems in the past with bears, so they have put an electric fence around the entire camp.

Day 4) After breakfast, we packed everything up and made our way to Moraine Lake. The trail head for Sentinel Pass started at the base of the lake. This was also a long hike, and you’re recommended to travel in groups because of the amount of bear sightings. We were hoping we could see a bear on this one!

We didn’t want to risk driving to Lake Louise only to find that it was closed to canoes (they did that the day before because of the smoke), so we canoed on Moraine Lake after the hike. It was AMAZING!

We then chose a camp ground in-between Lake Louise and Jasper National Park. It was in Icefields Parkway.

This is the secret behind boiling water! Yay!



Day 5) We read at our campsite that if we walked along the river nearby, we may see Moose in the morning. We didn’t see any moose, but it was still lovely!

This pic made me laugh so much so I couldn’t help but post it. We had so many yummy snacks (goldfish), and it was fun to snack on hikes, or before the hike. hahahah

Look at all the twigs in his mouth! He was so cute! Also kinda looks like me… bhahhaha 

Then we went on our next hike- Bow Glacier Falls. The trailhead was at the Num-ti-jah Lodge. 

Next was Peyto Lake Overlook.  A pretty quick hike uphill, and busy!

Then we stopped for lunch by Athabasca Glacier, and ate poutine fries for the first time!

By this point we were getting a little desperate to see a bear. We hoped to see one on a hike, but if not, we were pretty sure we’d see one while driving up to Jasper. To be safe, we pulled over at a lot of lookouts.

Sadly, we never saw a bear, but we did get to Jasper! We explored the town a little bit, and saw an edelweiss! And then pitched our tent, had din din, and went to bed.


Day 6) No need to pack up our tent, so we had a quick breakfast and made our way to the Sulphur Skyline trailhead!

Andi did a lot of research on whether to buy hiking poles. I was skeptical, but in the end they were incredibly helpful and I always used them, especially going downhill.

It’s safe to say I was tired by this point.

OUR REWARD! Plus a new friend.

After the hike we did some more driving in hopes to see a bear. Instead, we saw some big horned sheep!

And this amazing lake that was so shallow.

Then we drove to Annette Lake. It was beautiful.

Then back to camp. This was our last evening camping!


Day 7) We packed up and left Jasper and drove to Vancouver, which is about 8 hours.

Driving through Kamloops was sad. We were thankful we didn’t decide to spend an evening camping here. The smoke from the wildfires was really bad. 

We arrived in Vancouver just in time for dinner. There were so many awesome places that we decided it was best to do a bit of restaurant/bar hopping. We stuck to Yaletown, and it was freaking amazing.

Yummy drinks from Fayuca.

Beer from Yaletown Brewery


The best sushi and sake ever from Minami

Some classy dranks from The Distillery

The nights not complete without some tacos from Tacofino

To top of the night, we had one of the best octopus salads and ouzo at The Greek by Anatoli

The following morning we explored Stanley Park on a tandem bike. We would.

Then we had a delicious meal at the Teahouse in the park.


More proof that we did indeed ride a tandem bike.

Then we hopped over to Granville Market. It was fantastic. So many different things to see and eat! I never thought a place could make me want a broom… but it did.

To finish off a very quick but amazing trip, we ended up at Richmond Night Market. It was cray.

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