Obertauern & Salzburg, Austria

January 6, 2018

I went skiing with Andi for the first time in March 2016! It worked out perfectly because Stefan and Andi are good snow boarders, and Raquel and I haven’t really skied before!!! YAY LESSONS!!! One of the days we took a trip to Salzburg, and it was lovely.

This is what we did in Obertauern, Austria.

We went with Eveline, Alessandro, Raquel, Stefan, Andi and myself and rented an AirBnB a bit outside of the small town. The view was lovely.

Raquel and I had a pretty badass instructor

In the mornings we took lessons, and in the afternoons we met up with everyone once they were a bit more tired out. 😉

The weather really varied. But I didn’t mind.

even if it looks like I did… ha!

Obertauern is an awesome place to ski/snowboard in general because all of the slopes are sort of interconnected and it’s really easy to navigate if you’re a beginner or intermediate.


There’s also some good restaurants…

and some sweet views, from some cool restaurants.

This is Gamsmilchbar

In general, we had an amazing time in the sun and snow.

We also decided to try cross country skiing! Holy moly, it is a serious workout and something you should do if you get too cold.


No ski holiday is complete without apre-ski! (That’s where everyone gets drunk after a hard day of skiing.)

Our ski instructor recommended we go to Luzer Alm for some apre-ski festivities

We also dedicated half a day to visiting Salzburg. The city is just 1.5 hours North of Obertauern and on our way to the airport. It’s very close to the German border and there are many views of the beautiful Hohensalzburg Castle. We didn’t do much, but had a wander around and enjoyed the sunshine.

Pegasus fountain outside of the beautiful Mirabell Palace and gardens

Petersfriedhof is such a beautiful cemetery!

the Love Locks Bridge is in such a lovely location with an awesome view of the castle!

just outside of the Cathedral


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