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Pumpkin Parcels!

This recipe is really just for me as a reminder that these were really good and hopefully I can figure out how to make them again!  It’s not helpful for you at all because I can’t find the original recipe! Sorry not sorry! Basically,…

December 17, 2017

Vegan Chocolate Cake

Minimalist Baker has a lot of my favourite recipes. I have made this cake many times and it is absolutely amazing. p.s. If you want some BEAUTIFUL pictures of this cake, you should just visit her website rather than look at mine. Mine are…

December 17, 2017

Mulled Wine

I’m pretty sure this Mulled Wine is so good because of the sloe gin, but whatever. Since I’ve found this recipe from BBC Good Food I will never make mulled wine differently. AMAZING! p.s. This picture was stolen from because my photo was…

December 16, 2017


I thought Harrods deserved a page all for itself, just because there are so many beautiful creations here that need to be shared! Each and every single thing looks like it took so much time to make. I won’t do much talking… 😀 Pastries, pastries,…

July 3, 2015