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Austin, Texas: The Best Bucket List

This post comes at quite a random time. Basically, I’ve had multiple people ask me about what to do in Austin or if they should visit, and I have so many wonderful things to say! This is a little (actually, pretty big) list about…

September 9, 2017

London Thoughts- Month 18

I know this pic is super dark and different from my others, but whatever. It’s artsy! It’s been about 3 months… so here’s what I’ve been up to. 🙂  Updates! We have wandered around many different boroughs of London. This picture is from Greenwich.…

November 28, 2016
Food Travel

Oktoberfest- Munich- 2015

We went to Oktoberfest in Munich! I realize this is a little late, but better late than never. And it’s always fun to reminisce on good times. Ammiright ammiright? So, here’s how we did this thing called Oktoberfest. We reserved a tent on Saturday…

November 19, 2015


I thought Harrods deserved a page all for itself, just because there are so many beautiful creations here that need to be shared! Each and every single thing looks like it took so much time to make. I won’t do much talking… 😀 Pastries, pastries,…

July 3, 2015

London Thoughts- Week 5

I’ve been in London 5 weeks now!? Say what! It still doesn’t feel real. Updates! We went to the London Pride Parade! It was pretty awesome that just the day before the Supreme Court ruled gay marriage legal in all states. This guy was…

July 3, 2015

Urban Food Fest & Borough Market

Ahhhhh food. Food’s great right? I just can’t seem to get enough of it, so I take pictures of it and talk about it and think about it, and eat it. Anyway, London is full of some damn good food. Today we shall cover…

June 18, 2015

Interlaken, Switzerland

Interlaken is tied with Zermatt as my favorite place to travel in Switzerland. It has medium mountains, big mountains, a sweet city, Thun over yonder, and two lakes. The hiking is absolutely out of this world. I am always in awe here. The first…

May 29, 2015

Swiss Food

Oh gosh I can’t wait to write all about Swiss food (from my point of view). I thought it would be fun to share all the dishes that really remind me of Switzerland. It’s funny to think that all these things have ended up…

May 29, 2015

Cheese and Honey

Have you ever had cheese and honey? I was first introduced in Austin at a wine shop, but I was like… in my 20’s. That’s not ok. If you’ve never had cheese and honey together you better drop whatever you’re doing and try it…

May 25, 2015